Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hello Everyone
I thought I would bring up something that happened before our big move. We traded away or large SUV vehicle for a smaller economical vehicle. Okay, it was for financial reasons (gas and upkeep $$) but it made sense. Why drive 40+ plus miles a day and purchase fuel at more than $3 a gallon in something so large?! Albeit we did have a second vehicle, one that was already small and economical; now we had two. Today one of those vehicles is used by my son therefore my wife and I have become a one car family. This, my friends leads me to the rest of today’s post and a question I had to answer.
Living here in the heart of Tucson is a car necessary?

The answer is…yes, for most people like our selves. We still need to commute to get certain things accomplished. Yet, we have diminished the use of the automobile in our household! My wife takes public transportation or walks to work. I work a few miles further and opt for the car (for now). Most other things, we either bike or walk to. Living in “town” actually affords us the opportunity to ditch the wheels and get some much-needed outdoor time. I could go on forever about walkability or biking but instead head to you local library or bookstore and checkout the book; Walkable City by Jeff Speck. This is a guy that understands the need to create urban environments that allows people to forget (for the most part) the automobile.
Until next week, happy reading.

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  1. Kudos for right-sizing your transportation! I find that when I really need something big, I can always turn to my friends for help. Or I can rent. Either way, I'm not stuck with a large vehicle all the time. Good luck on your two-wheel (or two-foot) journey.