Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hello Everyone
I’ve read many blogs and articles that come right out and say that going GREEN is difficult. Yes, it is challenging but those that use the word “difficult” make it sound like going GREEN is a chore. Changing your life and your families’ life to GREEN shouldn’t be a chore, it should be perceived as an adventure…
This past week has been a stage of planning with very little action. However, I did go out and purchase a set panniers and a rack for bicycle number two (see the picture). These will be used to gather groceries and other tidbits while my wife and I bike around on the weekends. The great thing is that we have three very good fresh organic stores close by which makes this much easier. Sometime this month we should also be getting a little deli and grocery close by (I can’t wait for this).
I also planned our upcoming garden and if it weren’t for the rain that’s planned this weekend I would begin to build the frames. Oh well, next weekend perhaps. What else…oh yeah, I finally met the neighbor next to me and it sounds like she wants to garden as well. This makes my situation much better because now both neighbors and I want a garden. Between the three of us we might just have our own little neighborhood vegetable garden! Of course a garden wouldn’t be complete without a compost pile and I have that planned as well. The neighbors will probably join in on that too.
As I said in the first paragraph going GREEN should be a journey and not a chore. Never in my imagination would I have thought that my wife and I would be willing partners to a possible neighborhood garden.

That’s the fun of going GREEEN.
Until next week, happy reading.


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  1. It is an adventure, isn't it! I love the idea of joining with your neighbors to create a neighborhood garden. What fun! I also love how you've stepped out of your own environment and spread the "green" word! Nicely done!