Friday, February 22, 2013


Well it was bound to happen. That’s right; I fell off the GREEN wagon. Lost my mind I guess you can say.
Here’s what happened.
Strolling back and forth from my car to my doorstep I noticed something I didn’t like. After many recent rains weeds were popping up all over the place. Being the weed-hater that I am it was making my yard (which is rock) look like a small forest. Weeds were growing between the bricks that line the walkway. Weeds were growing along the block curb. Weeds were growing everywhere.
So I thought for a bit, go GREEN. Go pull the weeds (I did pull some). But heck weeds took over a very rocky place beneath the palm tree. I tried to pull the weeds, I really did. But was I supposed to pick out every single rock to get to the weeds?
In the end I caved, didn’t even search the internet for remedies. I went full bore with Round-Up.
As soon as I finished I knew it was wrong, a huge mistake. How could I not even search for other alternatives?
Today, the weeds are still there albeit a little less colorful. I know they’ll be back so I have to ask everyone. What should I use? What really works? Let me know pleeeeaaaase!

Until next week, happy reading


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  1. You probably had one of the best weed killers right in your kitchen ... and it's Eco-friendly ... vinegar: